Intrigue Kurzfassung

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Assist Challenging (9) Persuasion test, one-half (round down) Persuasion Consider Gain +2 bonus dice on any one test you take during the next exchange Fast Talk You can unleash a stream of nonsense. Persuasion vs passive Will. Two degrees, the target loses his Cunning rank from his Intrigue Defense until the end of the next exchange.
Influence Normal attack Manipulate Persuasion VS Passive Will. Choose your opponent’s technique for the next exchange. Mollify Formidable (12) Persuasion test to mollify a target. Test is modified by the target’s Disposition as normal. Composure+ = Persuasion rank; each additional degree of success restores an extra point of Composure.
Shield of Reputation Status test VS passive Will. Disposition improves by one-step. (1 per Intrigue) Withdraw Will test (Discipline)—> result replaces Intrigue Defense until the end of the next exchange. Switch to Combat Switch to Combat
Quit … but there are often repercussions as determined by the Narrator, especially if there are witnesses to your weakness.
(wenn der aber abblockt kann man auch einfach gehen)
Read Target
Awareness (Empathie) VS passive Deception (equal or beat) —> current disposition + technique for this exchange. You gain an extra test die on all Deception and Persuasion tests.

Removes an amount of influence equal to your Will rank. -1D on Deception and Persuasion.


Technique Influence Persuasion Spec. Deception Spec.
Bargain (verhandeln) Cunning rank Bargain Bluff
Charm (~ anfreunden) Persuasion rank Charm Act
Convince (überreden) Will rank Convince Act
Incite (anstacheln) Cunning rank Incite Bluff
Intimidate (einschüchtern) Will rank Intimidate Act or Bluff
Seduce (verführen) Persuasion rank Seduce Bluff
Taunt (verspotten) Awareness rank Taunt Bluff

Disposition (Gesinnung)

Disposition DR (Rüstung) Deception mod. Persuation mod.
Affectionate 1 -2 +5
Friendly 2 -1 +3
Amiable 3 0 +1
Indifferent 4 0 0
Dislike 5 +1 -2
Unfriendly 6 +2 -4
Malicious 7 +3 -6

Intrigue Kurzfassung

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